I’ve been an optician since 1993.  I picked up on optics very quickly and realized it was something I was good at.  Some may say I am great at it, I’ll let them say it, I’ll just say good.  Seriously though, I love to write, I love to educate, and I, dare I say it, yes, I will, I LOVE optics.  Actually, I love meeting the person who says their glasses have never been right or they’ve never been able to see out of them, and then here I come and work with them to trouble shoot every possible area and they walk out happy and seeing.  The only thing out of my control is the prescription.  If the prescription is wrong, then I can not do their job effectively.

The formula for a perfect pair of glasses:

Perfect glasses = 50% Prescription + 50% optician

This is a formula not every doctor would agree with, but the ones who don’t probably haven’t worked with a great optician.  🙂

I do work as an optician in the Kansas City Metro area in Overland Park, KS but this site isn’t designed to get more business for me there.  It is designed to help educate you, the consumer or, as I will often refer to you as, the patient, so you are armed with the right knowledge to purchase your eye wear wherever you choose.  If you do want to come see me, you are welcome to reach out to me.  You do not need to be a patient of our practice to purchase glasses from me.

In addition to being a great optician, I have been successful in the business side of optical.  I have had success turning locations around, not by raising prices, but by educating the staff, the optometrist, and their patients. I have been able to turn a profit and see substantial growth with every office I have ever worked at, all while maintaining a fair pricing structure, so if you are a private optometrist or ophthalmologist who has a dispensing area not doing as well as you would like, I would be happy to sit down with you as a consultant to discuss the things needed to see growth and set up a plan of action to move in the right direction.  I will also help you look at your current frame selection, look at your demographics, and help you put a selection together which will help you take care of your current patients as well as get ready to move forward for the patients you hope to have.

PaulaTheOptician with emoticon wearing eyeglasses
Me and my eyeglass emoticon twin! I’m wearing Jimmy Choo 144


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