The flu is not fun.  I recently had it and it had me down and out for about five days.  Even still, as I am back to work, the cough is still driving me crazy.  All too often, when we get sick, especially those draining illnesses that zap your energy and leave you dehydrated, results in your vision also being compromised.

I want to share with you some ways to combat this.  First….let’s talk about what happened to me.  My fever was around 102.3 for over a day.  I didn’t even want to move!  I stayed home sick on a Friday.  Not being smart, I didn’t eat anything all day but worse, I didn’t drink anything all day Friday.  By Saturday morning, I couldn’t even see my television across the room.  I knew why….but it didn’t make it easier to accept.  I knew I was dehydrated and it was all my fault.

Luckily, working in this industry, I had some quick fixes, although not quick enough for me.  The first thing I did was drink some water.  I actually drank 2 of my 32 oz tumblers full of water.  Then I went and grabbed some Refresh artificial tears from my medicine cabinet.  I doused my eyes with it.  I waited a few minutes and put some more in.  I then took another tube downstairs with me to put in my eyes after an hour.  You want to stay away from drops like Visine or Murine, but any of the artificial tears work great.  They help hydrate your eyes.  While nothing is as good as making sure your body is getting the fluids it needs, artificial tears is a solid alternative.

After about 3- 4 hours, my vision was back to normal and I was able to watch tv in between all of my napping!

***As a side note, artificial tears works well if your eyes tend to dry out when you watch a movie and eat popcorn.  I know when I leave a movie theater, my eyes are so dry and I get halos around lights.  Drop a couple of drops of artificial tears in your eyes and it should relieve some of the dryness.


Have a great day everyone and see the world as clearly as you can! 🤓

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