Frame Friday – May Fourth – Seraphin Niles

It’s Friday!  Yay!  For all you Star Wars fans….its a holiday for you.  May the Fourth…..

I decided to go a little retro today in honor of May Fourth.  I figured I’d select a couple of  frame(s) that might possibly have been worn by someone the FIRST time they went to see Star Wars.

Seraphin Niles is a true retro frame, complete with NO nosepads, the bridge just sits directly on the bridge of your nose and CABLE TEMPLES! Now, as an optician, I’ll be the first to say I’m not always crazy about cable temples.  They can, sometimes, lose their shape and not be any better than an ill fitting frame.  Let’s face it though, this frame is just cute.

Seraphin Niles Frame Antique Gold with Cable Temples
Seraphin Niles Frame Antique Gold with Cable Temples Photo Credit: OGI Eyewear

It is available in Antique Gold and Antique Silver.

The second frame does a nice twist on the retro look.  It is the Seraphin Duval.  It comes in Antique Bronze and Black. Be aware the nosepads are metal so you would not want to leave them in a hot car (not that you should anyway) but with this pair, it is even more important.  You might just end up putting a nosepad brand mark on your nose!

Seraphin Duval Frame Antique Bronze
Seraphin Duval Frame Antique Bronze Photo Credit: OGI Eyewear

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 🤓