Stuck at home and glasses sliding down? Nerdwax may be a temporary fix

Full disclosure….I did receive the sample Nerdwax free but not from Nerdwax. It was from a distributor who wanted to let me try it to consider selling it in our optical office where I work. The opinions in this post are mine only and were not influenced by me receiving the product free. I honestly did not have high expectations when I started using it.

With so many businesses across the nation changing their protocols and even the world as it is right now, you may find yourself looking for alternative solutions to fix a problem you are having with your eyewear.  Be careful of this because some internet “fixes” will actually damage your glasses / lenses more than help.  I decided to try a product to see if it did, indeed, help with them slipping without doing damage to the lenses.  I have to admit, Nerdwax may be a temporary fix to your glasses slipping down your nose and you’re not able to get in to see your optician to fix it.

Nerdwax uses all natural ingredients. It places a removable gummy/tacky like substance on your frame and helps keep them in place. It does wear off in a day or two, depending on how often you handle them and clean the lenses. The original sample I used to test the product was shaped like a chapstick tube. It made it a little difficult to get into the area easily. Since I have tested it, they have come out with a slimmer, longer, angled tube making it easier to put where you need it

Nerdwax instructions

As the instructions state, you can not use too much but I found it doesn’t take a lot to keep the frames up.

They work on prescription eyewear, over the counter readers, and sunglasses. If you are anything like me and tend to throw your sunglasses up on your head when inside, you will probably see the value in this product because it will help keep them up until you can get back in to see your optician to tighten them up again. I will say the Nerdwax does not get caught in your hair but it does seem to come off quicker. You might want to apply more often

New Nerdwax shape. Photo courtesy of

Overall, if your glasses are sliding down a lot, get an appointment to see your optician and get them adjusted but pick up a tube of Nerdwax to help you in between those visits if you need to!

Contact your optician to see if they sell Nerdwax. You can also find it on the Nerdwax website or on Amazon Nerdwax

If you have tried Nerdwax share your experience in the comments.

Have a great day everyone and see the world as clearly as you can! 🤓

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